To what extent has Australia ever been the land of the ‘fair go’?

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For many years, Australia have been known as a country of “Fair Go”. A land where fulfilment of international human rights, no gender inequality, no wealth and income inequality, domestic people rights, women rights and climate change policies are observed. As a result of which Australia have been imaged as a very successful country who follows all laws of rights. However, according to the reports it is noted that the country falls behind the other countries in terms of fulfilment of sufficient human rights protection. Not only the human rights are not being provided adequately, but lately the income and wealth inequality amongst the rich and poorer have also risen in Australia. Now the question arises whether it is really a myth or a reality regarding the country being a fair go? if it is truth then to what extend has Australia ever been the land of the ‘fair go’? 

Discussion (Main Body)

Over the past several years, Australia once known as ‘the land of the fair go’ has faced immense criticism due a considerable rise in inequality, racism and the fatal discrimination that has reckoned the moral values of the entire society. In a Country, which once felt proud on being the land of justice, the gap between those who have very much and those who can barely earn their livelihood continues to grow. Who is to be blamed for this situation, is it the government not taking enough measures to form related policies or the Human rights is unnecessarily pushing the issue back and forth? 

In line with the Nation’s first Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index (IASII), nearly one out of four Australians have experienced a form of major discrimination, while religious and racial minorities face the highest levels of injustice. According to the  Director of BWAProfessor Liam Smith, “Social exclusion costs the Australian economy billions each year in lost productivity. The aim should be to measure ingrained attitudes and behaviours towards people from different backgrounds, perspectives and circumstances, Social inclusion is about allowing people to fully participate in the social and economic life of the nation.”

Recently, the country is facing many major and complex issues some which are embedded in Australia’s history. These issues are highly affecting the domestic people, the minorities, women, disable people and LGBTQI+ community. Indigenous people are not provided with their rights as most of them end up in prison, poverty, mortality or even commit suicide. It is reported that in Australia it is more likely to arrest the indigenous children than the non-indigenous ones. It is also said that arresting children below the age of 14 leads them to commit offenses when they become adult as compared to the children who are above the age of 14. The system sends these children in lock ups rather than helping them and their families during difficult times.

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