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Teachers have a duty towards students to impart knowledge in the best possible way and inspire them to make healthy life decisions. In order to be a top teacher, it is important to upskill and have the self-awareness to develop the areas of your teaching method where you lack. Afterall, a teacher’s responsibility is to be a role model and they cannot slack off during class as the students look up to them.

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Innovative teaching strategies for top teachers

If you’re a teacher with a growth mindset, only then you can identify where in your teaching methods you need an upgrade or improvement. Innovation does not imply introducing the latest technologies in the classroom but creative ways of increasing student engagement. Most students are absent-minded during the teaching process and the following teaching strategies aim to involve them all: 

  • Encourage students to work on their assignments and homework during class instead of at home. Even group projects can be done during this time and the teacher will assist them where they get stuck. A certain time can be dedicated for this kind of activity 
  • Every student has a different learning method, you can apply a different teaching strategy to engage each one differently. The ones who learn better by answering verbally, should be engaged by asking questions and the ones who learn visually can be called to draw on the board
  • Ask the students to take a real-world problem and apply the theoretical learning to solve that problem through a project 
  • Throw an open ended question in the classroom and make them discuss it without any limitation of right and wrong answers. This helps students connect ideas 
  • Always give students feedback about their performance using visual media like stickers and emojis that catch their attention and make them happy 

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Creating a positive classroom environment for top teachers

The environment in your classroom should always be productive and top teachers always focus on activities and teaching strategies that keep the students active and positive during the lectures. Here are some tips to improve the environment:

  • As the aim of the classroom is to reduce judgement and encourage questions, teachers must focus on building a relationship with their students and getting to know them 
  • People might undermine the importance of the physical setting of a class but it is extremely important for learning. A well lit, comfortable classroom where students can see the board and the teacher easily can make them absorb knowledge faster 
  • Give students the choice to participate in deciding the mode of learning. Let them know how you can make the grading a little lenient by allowing test redos or deadline extension
  • Students need some external incentive sometimes to perform better and give their best in the assessments so offer them prizes and rewards that will excite them 

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Effective communication skills for top teachers

Communication skills are important to deliver whatever expertise the teacher has in the subject. This can be a little difficult in the beginning but it is possible to learn these skills

  • It is important to use effective body language when delivering a lesson. The gestures teachers use to explain certain concepts will get embedded in the minds of the students
  • When correcting students for bad behaviour, it is important to be firm but not rude. Without invading their personal space, their behaviour has to be addressed
  • Active listening is important when students are explaining a certain concept to the teacher. They should be able to catch their misunderstandings 
  • As a top teacher, your language while teaching should be very clear and accurate 
  • Humour is a very powerful tool and keeps the classroom alive and responsive 

Using technology and other resources effectively as a top teacher

As it is important to use a number of different mediums while teaching, incorporating technology is also one of those things.

When there is a certain lesson plan, especially in science, that requires physical demonstration, the teacher should bring the required equipment or scientific models to the classroom so that students don’t have any confusion about the topic. For example, teaching them how to read a Vernier calliper without bringing it to the classroom is not efficient at all. There are also free worksheets available on different teaching aid websites that can help deliver a lecture in a better way. 

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Continuing education and professional development for top teachers

Good teachers always keep themselves up to date with the latest ideas so continuing education or joining courses for professional development is extremely helpful. This kind of teacher education provides teachers a chance to increase their job marketability, improve their performance, make connections with other teachers and maybe move to university or teaching older students. There are many ways to access these teacher education programs: 

  • Workshops, seminars and conferences 
  • Online courses 
  • Entire degree programs 

In order to choose the right course, you should see the faculty credentials and compare the price with the learning outcomes. It is also very important to see what fits your future career needs

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