TUM202 Therapeutic Use of Medicines - Educational Poster

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Educational Poster: Antimicrobial Resistance – Target Audience – Graduate Nurses

Length: 1,250 words

Assessment Task

In this assessment, you will research and present your findings on a topic related to the therapeutic use of medicines. This information will be presented in a digital educational poster format. Please refer to the Task Instructions for details on how to complete this task.


Registered Nurses play an essential role in educating patients, their carer’s, the community and other health care professionals about the therapeutic use of medicines. By utilising evidence‐based resources relating to integrative pharmacology, and considering the principals of health literacy, the Registered Nurse can promote patient safety, and present information to their audience in a meaningful way.

By educating others, the Registered Nurse can assist in preventing medication-related incidents, by equipping the audience with the knowledge do to things including; identifying, preventing, and managing polypharmacy, potential adverse drug reactions, interactions, and toxicity.


Poster Topic: Antimicrobial Resistance

Target Audience: Graduate Nurses

You will visually present an educational poster on Antimicrobial Resistance in poster format. Whilst creating your poster, you will need to consider the following:

Title: Choose a title that reflects the content of your poster.

Discuss the following in relation to the given topic:

  1. Provide an overview of the context/background of microbial resistance as a brief introduction
  2. Discuss the key issues and clinical significance of antimicrobial resistance
  3. Identify and outline the impact of antimicrobial resistance on both the 1) individual/patient and 2) the healthcare system
  4. Propose strategies that can be implemented by the intended audience to identify, prevent, and manage the impact of anti-microbial resistance
  5. Suggest 4-5 suitable evidence-based resources the intended audience can use to find out more information about the topic, considering the health literacy of the intended audience

Conclusion: Summarise your main points about antimicrobial resistance.

Assessment format

You will visually present an educational poster on anti-microbial resistance. The poster will be digital and can be created using a variety of programs.


7 references are required for this assessment. Use recent, relevant, and reliable resources to complete this task. These should be peer-reviewed literature and other credible sources (government documents, reports, publications, authentic webpages, etc., related to the subject matter and not older than seven years.

It is essential that you use the appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research.


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