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The vehicle management facility distinguished by this project should be one of the best facilities in its class, designed to keep vehicles in safe and productive working conditions. By providing regular assistance and support to producers' proposals, these administrators can limit the vehicle’s time, increase driver satisfaction, and control the maintenance costs of the armada. The main obligation of the installation is the organization of the support, that is to say; the creation, the presentation, and then the verification of the frameworks, which are explicitly intended to ensure that a. the prerequisites and proposals of the manufacturers are fully accepted and b. the strategies and methods of the organization are fully respected. The reason for the support is to guarantee the highest competence and accessibility of creative equipment, utilities, and related offices at ideal costs and in states of value, well-being, and insurance for pleasant land.


The site is on a city street in an industrial street and doesn’t need a large amount of excavation. It consists of three major wings; 

A huge parking lot for the start and development of vehicles during the maintenance

A high right as the adjustment area that has four narrows of assistance and two help pits. It contains lifts, oil, and lubricant, coolant and cooling administration equipment, as well as electrical and pneumatic outlets.

The preparation and office area are equipped with steel poles and gypsum separation patches, suspended roofs, and modified floor coverings. This territory contains bathrooms, storage space, and a representative living room despite the offices and study rooms completed. 

The temperature of the place is regulated using two systems, each system consists of an exterior condenser unit and ductwork mounted above the suspended ceiling. The air handling units are present in a designated room. The building is equipped with modern data and voice system along with a wired fire alarm system.

Project Goals and Objectives:

  1. Establishment of performance indicators to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the vehicle management program.
  2. Setting up a system for the check and balance of the facility operation.
  3. Provision of emergency services like towing, recharging the battery in case of an accident or breakdown
  4. Provision of mechanical services for the employee and company-owned vehicles like trucks, cars, bikes, motorized carts, minivans, etc. 
  5. Provide a satisfactory number of maintenance cracks alongside support areas, for example, support stores, oil focal frames, room rooms, general storage areas, administrator’s office, break rooms, bathrooms, storage spaces, and mechanical space. 
  6. To ensure the safe, dependable, and economic performance of company vehicles.
  7. To provide routine maintenance, repairs, vehicle metering, and inspections based on state laws and guidelines.
  8. Provision of enough maintenance stations and workforce
  9. Streamline equipment and foundation reliability;
  10. Ensure that the equipment and framework is still in an acceptable condition;
  11. To bring about a crisis solution of the equipment and the foundation in order to ensure the most ideal accessibility for creation;

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