AMB303 Video Presentation On International Logistics - Assessment 1

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Assessment Item 1: Video Presentation

Video presentations will require students to give an account of the application of logistics concepts to operations being performed on a specified issue, case study or research task.
You are required to do the following:

1. Select ONE of the following topics to research and present:

  1. Product Level: Challenges of disposable packaging e.g. McDonalds, IKEA, APPLE
  2. Industry Level: The car tyre Industry in e.g. Australia
  3. Regional Level: Plastic shopping bag ban in Africa
  4. Global Level: The plastic straw problem: effects on our beaches and oceans

2. Research the selected topic in general to explain the logistics structure and set-up regarding the week 1-4 topics. Ensure your presentation covers the following criteria: what does the typical supply-chain look like? What type of information does this topic need/depend upon? What are the overall challenges (technological, environmental, business or otherwise) ‘they’ currently face?

3. Record your presentation as a 5-minute video presentation when you have completed your research and created your presentation script. Make sure you do this like ‘an industry expert’, i.e. you present to for example a company interested in that topic. Do not read from your script (paper). The script must be submitted as part of the email containing the link you submit to BB (word format only). You must be visible in the video.

4. The video must be uploaded to and the link to your YouTube clip must be submitted to Blackboard. DO NOT DOWNLOAD YOUR VIDEO to blackboard. The deadline for your submission is Week 5, Friday @ 23.59 PM (midnight).

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