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Website Editing Service

When it comes to communicating with potential clients and customers on the internet, it is extremely vital to use the right vocabulary to get the attention you want. Copywriting is not easy and while anyone can be good at using difficult or impressive words, copywriters know which words are trending among different age groups and genders. 

Website text is also written from a marketing perspective, keeping in mind the kind of audience who will be reading the text- the people you are hoping to convert through your website. This is a make or break situation that can help you gain more credibility and popularity in the market (by getting more traffic on your website) so hiring a professional website editor would be the best idea if you are not sure about the text you are putting out there before launching your website. Editors are also useful if you need to keep more pages to the website and want them to be checked before publishing. 

Our professional editors are well-versed in the art of copywriting and words that convert quickly. Psychologically, these words have an impact that we do not realise. If you assume that the shampoo you bought just has random words thrown on it, you might not be aware of the importance of the power of words in marketing. Your website is the face of your business brand. The way you communicate sets the tone for the kind of audience you will attract. A strong awareness of your target audience is important for writing the text on your website. If you have not already done that, you will need an editor to make the necessary changes. 

The website content should make the audience stick to the page and scroll down to view your product and services. For example, if you are drawing in traffic that includes teenagers from social media, you need to use words that are trending among them and align with your brand personality.

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What Does Website Editing Include?

Grammar, Spelling, Punctuation

All typos, punctuation errors, grammar mistakes, and sentence structure will be fixed by our editors. Last-minute proofreading for a website can get very tricky especially if you have a lot of pages on your website. Removing these errors is important because lazy copywriting sends a bad impression on the customers. You should view your website as your shop display- it is the representation of what you are selling and the customer problem that you are solving. 

Word Count

Writing long lines on your homepage or product pages will distract the customer and confuse them about the product. Reducing the word count will make it easy for the customer to peruse through the website and quickly make the purchase decision. Our editors will reduce the amount of words they have to read before making that choice. 

Ensure Ease of Navigation

Less distraction and an easy map of navigation for the customer to explore and discover the products that they get attracted to. This reduces the bounce rate (the number of customers who leave a website before ordering the product or service) because the customer- through the right use or words- is guided to land on pages that resonate with their needs.

Correct Word Choice

When you make an order, you will be matched with an editor who has experience in your industry and has worked with businesses like yours to improve their market appeal. A luxury brand would use different adjectives compared to an athleisure brand. All this comes easy to a website editor but it will not be as simple for a business owner. 

What Does a Good Website Achieve?

Visual Appeal

All the short text on the images and the main banners of the website comes under the job of the website editor. By using powerful words, you can increase the visual appeal of those images and the overall website as well.

Increase Responsiveness

As more and more customers are using websites on their phones to view products and shop online, it is important to fit text in both desktop and phone website formats. Effective copywriting can help you achieve optimum responsiveness this way. It will not be a clunky website that scares customers away. 

Effective call to action

Not only do websites convert visitors to customers but they are also used to increase social media following or email subscriptions. The kind of words you use to talk to the website visitor will decide whether they will choose to make this decision or not. 

Employ search engine optimization:

In order to appear in search engine results, your website copy has to be optimized by a professional editor to include keywords that are trending.

Increase business credibility:

When your website is always up-to-date and caters to the customers needs in an honest way (without misleading or inaccurate information), they will visit it more regularly and make purchases. Editing your website regularly is crucial to achieve this.

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