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Whether it is a personal portfolio website or a business website, the navigation and content of a website is a doorway to the product, service or brand you are selling. Risking minor errors even on your website could harm your credibility and reputation. So before you hit the publish button, having the copy proofread is a very good idea to make sure that your copy is powerful enough to have an impact. 

A lot of people mistake proofreading for one last glance over the written sentences but it is a much more meticulous task than that. You can get your website edited by trustworthy proofreaders who will bring it to perfection. 

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Overview of Website Proofreading Services

The kind of copy that is written sets the tone for the entire brand. When customers or visitors check out the website and they spot errors, it sends a wrong impression. Attention to detail sends the message that you care about creating mutual trust with your customers. You can't risk losing the interest of the website visitor because with the click of a button, they will be hopping off to explore another brand. Spelling, punctuation, grammar and typos are corrected considering how website copy is written- SEO optimization and customization is also kept in mind.  

Grammar and Spelling Check

Before the website goes live, the proofreader will spot the mistakes left out after the writing and editing process. These grammar and spell checking rounds will ensure that all the product descriptions, sales copies, etc. read smoothly. In line with the brand personality, the text of the website is analysed and brought up to the mark so that it is market competitive.

Spell checking software's can not always pick errors especially proper nouns and country-specific spelling customs. Sometimes there are also colloquial terms within the copy that need to go through the human eye to ensure readability. 

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Typographical Error Check and Copyediting

Typographical errors are not the same as spelling checks because sometimes the product names and specific terms of the business are not in the built in dictionary and only someone who is informed about the details of the business can correct these errors. Each page and body of text on the website has to go through the proofreader to remove typos. 

Copy editing is often confused with spell checking but it is much more detailed than that. The copy editor looks at the website copy from a bird’s eye view as well as the detailed view of the text to check if it stays consistent throughout. Loose ends within the copy are taken care of. All kinds of consistencies like style, tone and meaning are carefully read and edited. 

Sentence Structure and Clarity Enhancement

Sentence structure mistakes includes the following: 

  • Run-on sentences- sentences which are joined by the wrong kind of punctuation 
  • Fragmented sentences- sentences that are missing necessary words 
  • Misusing past participle
  • Ambiguous sentences
  • Either-or structure mistakes 

There are many other mistakes related to sentence structure. Removal of these mistakes brings more clarity to the website copy. 

Clarity is enhanced by using the following techniques: 

  • Edit the sentences for a shorter attention span- smaller sentences keep visitors on the page for a longer time 
  • Edit for the audience demographic- what is understandable for them? 
  • Call to action and other important areas should be optimized 
  • The copy should address the needs of the audience 

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Coherence and Vocabulary Improvement

Coherence in the copy is achieved by seeing how the different texts on the pages are linked together by a central theme and how it ties together on that specific page. There are certain techniques that website proofreaders use to make sure the website copy is coherent: 

  • Use of correct pronouns
  • Repetition of certain words, phrases and ideas that enforce the central idea
  • Use of transitional words like furthermore, in brief, in fact, etc. 
  • Use of parallelism 

You can improve the vocabulary by bringing into focus words that are more aligned with the brand language and message. For example, do not use ‘exquisite’ instead of ‘comfy’ for a children's clothing brand. Remember that this website traffic is converted to subscribers or sales so the copy should be aimed at achieving that. 

Formatting and Plagiarism Detection

Formatting web copy includes the following: 

  • When the content is heavy, the headings and subheadings are used so that it is visually easy to browse. It is also optimized for tablet and phone screens 
  • Concise and meaningful titles 
  • Avoiding long lists
  • Shorter paragraphs 
  • Use white space and limited number of words on each page 

To establish the unique brand personality, it is important that no part of the website copy is taken from another website. Proofreaders run plagiarism checks on the copy and make sure it is paraphrased if any inauthentic information comes up. 

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SEO Optimization and Content Optimization

Besides ensuring the readability of the webpage, it also has to be shareable. SO how is that achieved? By using more keywords and making it more engaging. The aim of the content is not just information- the copy has to answer a customer's needs and appeal to them at the same time. 

The content is optimised in the way that it has to rank higher on search engines. Keywords are found through several tools competitor analysis and then incorporated into the page. Website proofreaders make sure that these are correctly used and inserted into the context.  

Customization and Web Content Editing

Sometimes the customization of the website copy needs to be followed on all the pages and the content needs to be checked. This includes the use of the specified font and correct size. The spacing and right brand terminology also needs to be aligned. 

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The copy editor will usually edit it and correct the broader mistakes in grammar and syntax but the proofreader will read it more carefully as it will be the last draft ready for publishing.

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