HA1011 Tutorial Questions On Applied Quantitative Methods - Assignment 2

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Weeks 11 and 12 – Question 5 (10 marks)

The Coordinator of a Statistics unit has drawn a random sample of 12 undergraduates and asked how many hours they spent for studies. The average time of the selected sample was 34.25. The coordinator has recommended that students should spend 3 hours per week for 12 weeks semester, for a total of 36 hours. It is known that the population standard deviation is 8.
Based on the data listed below, using the p value approach, at 95% confidence level you are required to test whether there is evidence that the average student spent less than the recommended amount of time. You are required to arrange your answer based on the following steps:

  1. State the hypotheses (2 marks)
  2. Direction of the test (two tail/ left tail or right tail) (0.5 mark)
  3. State the relevant test statistic and the reason for the selection (2 marks)
  4. Level of significance (0.5 mark)
  5. Decision rule (2 marks)
  6. Calculate test statistics (2 marks)
  7. Conclusion based on the above steps. (1 mark)

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