Why should children be not allowed to play violent video games?

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Playing different kinds of games has become a common activity for people from all spheres of life. Video gaming has become a million-dollar industry, generating far more income than DVDs and movies. It has emerged as an imperative source of entertainment not only for adults but also for children. Most of the children spend a fair share of their time in playing different video games. Violent video games are more attractive to youngsters than other video games such as sports, puzzle, and strategy games. However, video games are considered to have positive impacts on children’s growth, children should not be allowed to play violent video games because they do not only have detrimental impacts on kids’ physical and mental health but also have serious repercussions on social relationships. The first reason why children should not be allowed to play violent video games is its adverse physical implications. Kids usually spend most of their time playing such video games that attract them to participate with keen interest without taking care of their health and they do not take a meal on time. In return, their health gets compromised badly and they end up with malnutrition and various other physical illnesses. Moreover, when adolescents playing violent video games their brains and hearts are overstimulated, which results in serious physical damage to their body and vital organs. When violent video games incite children to participate in different situations of tension and pressure, their heart rate and blood pressure automatically increase to a greater extent (Porter & Goolkasain, 2019). This hyper-arousal state of “do or die” while playing violent video games can also cause a heart attack and stroke in the future in children. Various researchers have also accepted the negative implications of violent video games on children's physical health and declared that obesity is another noticeable adverse physical consequence of video gaming (Chaput, Visby, Nyby, Klingenberg, Gregersen, Tremblay, Astrup & Sjodin, 2011). Not only this, but elongated exposure to the blue light screen during playing video games also disturbs children’s eyesight as well as muscles (Mylona, Deres, Dere, Tsinopoulos & Glynatsis, 2020). A research reported a study that stated that “19% of the subjects experienced eye strain” (Mylona et al., 2020, p.2). Thus, due to the adverse physical consequences of violent video games children should not be allowed to play them.

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