Report On Eye Health and Universal Health Coverage

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Assessment Task:

write the 'Road map for achieving Universal Eye Health' in 1000 words.
For example, you are a high official in World Health Organization and you need to advise countries how do they achieve 'Universal Eye Health' what would you recommend and why? For this one of the reference document would be 'World Report on Vision'. However, you can also search other related documents and come up with your guidelines to a country to achieve 'Universal Eye Health'

it is okay if you pick one country or region to focus on Or you can make it broader approach
It should be based on logic.
You can go through the 'World Report on Vision' to understand about it.

You can read the 'World Report on Vision'
I am enclosing one paper to give you an idea. “Annual Review of Vision Science International Vision Care: Issues and Approaches”

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