HLTWHS002 Incident Report form On Follow Safe Work Practices For Direct Client

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Assessment Task:

1.You are required to access the Q Paramedical Module via the online learning platform and locate the Q Paramedical Incident Report Form V1.1_18 or alternatively use the Incident Report form at the end of this assessment task.

2. You are to complete three (3) individual ‘incident forms ‘reflecting the following:

  1. You have had an accident at work and sustained an injury whilst moving/transferring a patient to the vehicle stretcher
  2. Your transportation partner identified a near miss incident due to human error, where a patient’s safety belts were not engaged correctly, the patient did not sustain any injuries however potentially the absence of the safety straps may have resulted in an injury
  3. You have been subject to bullying in the workplace by a direct supervisor resulting in high levels of stress that is impacting on your health.

3. Consider the above scenario and the three incidents identified.

  • Discuss any relationship they have to each other, specifically in consideration of the scenario and the report of bullying and stress.
  • You are required to discuss the correlation of the bullying and stress to the injury and near miss incident, identifying the common denominator in the incidents (150 -200 words approx.)

4. Identify below the procedure reflective of the reporting process for incidents, injuries and near misses, inclusive of what happens to the incident forms once completed. That is, who would you report these to and what happens next? (Dot point responses acceptable).

5. Discuss in your own words and explain the ‘stages’ of the risk management process that will be applied to address the reported ‘near miss incident’.

  • You must provide sufficient detail in your responses and across the stages to sufficiently demonstrate your gained knowledge and understanding of the risk management process?

6. At what stage would a WHS meeting be conducted to discuss the incident?

7. Who will need to be consulted in regard to these incidents and the risk management of the same. Think broadly for your response, think about each stage of the risk management proves and you are to justify your response. (dot points identifying those requiring consultation with justifications is acceptable)

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