ITC571 Project Proposal and Plan On Emerging Technologies and Innovation - Assessment item 2

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Assessment item 2 - Project Proposal and Plan

You are required to prepare for this Assessment Item by:

  1. READING the Subject outline,
  2. COMPLETING Topic 2 Project Planning
  3. BUILDING your PLAN up from the  Project Title and Abstract in Assessment Task 1


1. Follow the Study Schedule and work with the Topics in uni site as they provide a "scaffold" for your learning in this subject.
2. Develop a detailed Capstone Project Proposal and Plan using project management software (as listed in the Study Schedule) and the skills you have acquired from IT Project Management to develop a project plan with a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), milestones and Gantt chart. These tools may help.

  • MicrosoftProject Pro (;
  • Open source tools like GanttProject (;
  • OpenProj(
  • OpenProject (
  • ProjectLibre (

3. Begin using the 'project blog' as a tool beyond the weekly progress reportsfor your chosen emerging technology topic:

  1. The blog helps you to store your notes, project files and links in a cloud-based service.
  2. Consider sharing the site with your peers as a way to tell a story and harness each others knowledge.

4. The blog is ideally updated each week with 3 or 4 entries for documenting your project notes and as the foundation for editing and writing the Capstone Project Report. An ideal blog entry will have around 50-150 words (150-600 words a week).

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