ITECH3103 Literature Review On IT Strategy and Governance

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Assessment Task 2:

You are required to write a 2000 to 2500 words literature review to analyse critically a selected topic and related possible issues, and discuss the context, concept, techniques, scope and impact that this topic and issues create specifically within the IT strategy and governance sector. Your literature review will produce an evidence-based and critical analysed essay that explores the factors impacting the selected topic and possible issue(s) at the IT strategy and governance level.

Students are required to select one topic of under the umbrella of IT strategy and governance/management and create an essay that analyses critically the following elements from the perspective of IT strategy and governance in general (all of which must be supported by literary evidence):

  • Select one of the topics under the umbrella of IT strategy and governance/management and develop an annotated bibliography of literature review essay.
  • The brief and relevant context of the topic and possible issue(s)
  • Why the topic or issue is considered contemporary in the IT strategy and governance higher sector
  • Describe and critically discuss what problems, challenges of the topic and its application are and how the problems would be solved and what solutions are
  • Give an example of applications
  • Your literature review should reference at least five current papers in this area and the papers were published not more than 5 years old. In addition to the five current papers, you may also use text books to back up your discussions.
  • The literature review must be written in an appropriate format (APA referencing), with an introduction, paragraphs in the body that advance your discussion, and a conclusion that sums up your main points.

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