PUN620 Critical Analysis Report On Concepts of Environmental Health

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Assessment 2:

You will critically analyse the environmental health issues related to a case study for a specific disaster or mass gathering, and then elaborate a report addressing the environmental health principles, management strategies and interdisciplinary approach relevant to your topic. This assessment task is to be done individually and is worth 30% of your final mark (30 points).

Your case study should be either, a real mass gathering or a real natural or man-made disaster. You may choose a suitable mass gathering that accommodates more than 10,000 patrons over the event period or otherwise a disaster that affected more than 10,000 people, and then prepare a report that includes (but not necessarily be limited to) the following sections:

  1. Background. Introduction and or description of the disaster/mass gathering; clear description of the setting(s) and the population(s) affected.
  2. Environmental health issues related. Description of the health effects/consequences related to environmental risk factors determined by the disaster/mass gathering.
  3. The role of environmental health professionals in managing the disaster/mass gathering (this includes both the roles that they actually played in the event and the role that they should have played -for example, if there was not an adequate environmental health response).
  4. The relevant legal framework and how it does apply to the disaster/mass gathering (e.g. relevant domestic laws and international agreements / arrangements for international disasters; licensing and local laws for an Australian mass gathering, etc...).
  5. You own analysis of how the disaster/mas gathering was managed and your recommendations and conclusions.

Use these five sections (at least) as headings in your report. You can include other headings if you need to incorporate other sections that you consider important, depending on your case study.

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