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I have worked in my field for more than six good years. Apart from being a biologist, I am good at content writing. My interest in writing to express my thoughts made my way to blogging. And this did not end there, I worked on a number of research articles of my field along with other collaborative works. Then, I started my career as a freelancer and worked on online different freelancing platforms. Apart from that, I have worked with private companies to work for their websites. Currently, I am working as a part-time writer for Assignment Studio to write different blogs, articles, and research proposals. Along with that, where I am performing my duties as a researcher to work on biological projects and then documenting my works in form of research articles and review articles in different international journals. Along with wet-lab expertise, I have strong expertise in Bioinformatics. I have experience working on different software including R, Python, UCSF Chimera, PyMOL, Autodock Vienna, GROMACS, Desmond, Bioedit, and HADDOCK. I have a clean record of working like a hardworking, honest, and punctual employee.

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