Analysis of Climate Change Survey Data

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On your first query regarding the overall summary of the willing individuals to pay monthly in order to have a net zero electricity bill which is sourced through renewable energy. The data reflected that the total number of individuals from which the data was extracted was 400, from which 25 individuals (6.25%) showed no interest in willingness to pay monthly. The data was analysed by grouping of the monthly payment amount by $150, to have a group of 9 data set where the individual willing to pay the lowest amount was $2 and the highest being $1,349. The data further showed that from $2 to $150 showed the highest number of individuals willing to pay monthly, which is 51% of the complete data set. The monthly amount of $151 to $750 showed a total of 143 people willing to pay monthly. 751$ and above amount were only responded by 28 individuals which are around 7% of the whole data set. A total of 86.75% of people responded to the monthly payment in the range of $2 to 750. The data were also analysed by genders, in total 212 females were part of the survey, out of the 25 individuals which showed no interest to pay monthly 15 of them were females, around 123 (58%) females responded that they are willing to pay as low as $2, wherein comparison males showed a minimum payment of $7 in response to the highest payment being $1,349 for males and $1,191 for females. 76% of the males were spread from $7 to $450 in monthly payments. Apart from gender preference, states have also been considered as a factor for individuals willing to pay monthly, to talk about the individuals which are not willing to pay in terms of monthly payment Tasmania the island state showed 15% of the responses as not willing, whereas the highest number were from New South Whales with 7 individuals. The responses of the Australian Capital Territory showed that all 15 individuals were willing to pay monthly. The individuals from the Northern Territory State were not willing to pay above $288. Individuals from only the state of New South Whales showed the willingness to pay above $1,000 as the monthly payment, all living in the urban area. The locality is also a factor to consider the payment mode for having zero electricity bill, though the majority of individuals were in the urban area around 76.25%, only 4.2% of the individuals in the rural area showed no interest in the monthly payment. 83% in the rural locality were willing to pay a maximum of $450 monthly whereas a similar percentage of individuals are willing to pay up to $700 for the monthly payment method. Lastly, the most important criteria are the income when it comes to feasible income on the willingness to pay monthly, 41.33% of individuals with income under $28,000 are willing to pay monthly, we can safely assume that the individuals having an income above $72,000 are 100% willing to adopt for the monthly payment method.

On your second query regarding the relationship of the concern of the individual regarding the climate change where are not concerned to extremely concerned, the analysis points towards the willingness to indulge into increasing monthly payments, an individual which is not concerned at all on the climate change is willing to pay a maximum of $430 as the monthly payment for the clean energy and zero electricity bill, whereas the slightly concerned individual is willing to pay $676 as the monthly payment for the clean energy and zero electricity bill, Individuals who are somewhat concerned are willing to pay 76% more which accumulates to $1,191 however it is to be noted that out of 159 individuals who are somewhat concerned only 2 individuals are willing to pay above $700 which can be summed up as the slightly concerned individual and somewhat concerned individual show similar trends. The individuals who are very concerned are around 142 where there is no outlier in the data shows the maximum willingness to pay around $$1,036 of monthly payment to obtain clean energy with zero electricity bill. Extremely concerned individuals which only represent 6.5% of the data set are all willing to pay at least above $150 and up to the highest monthly payment of $1,349. The data also showed that 6 individuals who are very concerned and 16 individuals who are somewhat concerned are not willing to pay monthly payments to obtain the clean source of energy, collectively they make up to 88% of the 25 people who are not willing to pay monthly to obtain the clean source of energy. This number may be alarming as they are moderately concerned but due to certain limitations are not willing to pay the monthly amount to obtain a clean source of energy. There is a relationship between the willingness for the monthly payment and increasing concern, also the trend shows that individuals are prepared to pay more as their concern rises.

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