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Chemistry Overview

The subject matter of the science known as chemistry is the study of the properties, compositions, and structures of elements and compounds as well as how they can transform and the energy that is generated or consumed during such changes.

The study of matter and the substances that make it up is the focus of the scientific sub-discipline of chemistry. The characteristics of these substances and the reactions they go through to form new substances are also supported. Atoms, ions, and molecules, which make up elements and compounds, are the main focuses of chemistry. Through chemical bonding, these chemical species keep in contact with one another. It is significant to remember that the study of chemistry also examines how matter and energy interact.

Branches of Chemistry

The five main branches of chemistry are:

Physical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

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Process Engineer

Medical Assistant

Quality Control Lab Technician

Environmental Analyst

Analytical chemist

Food technologist




Materials Scientist


Water Chemist

Crime Laboratory Analyst

Forensics Lab Technician

Chemical or geochemical engineer

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