Behavior Change Assessment Part 1 and 2

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The objective conduct on which I am centering for my behavior change appraisal in increasing my physical exercises. I pick this objective since the absence of physical exercises has become an interruption, which causes an absence of focus in me. As I am a student, the physical exercises likewise have an incredible impact on my aptitudes. I utilize this task to get free from terrible exercises like the utilization of social media, dietary patterns, and sleep habits. Prior to beginning this evaluation, I understood this is loaded with difficulties. I intend to state if behavior change would have the option to change, at that point anybody can change their behavior at the appropriate time. It was difficult for me to change my behavior however, then I intend to turn out to be physically fit. 

There are some negative impacts of the absence of physical exercises which are: 

  • Gaining weight. 
  • Increase circulatory strain 
  • High cholesterol levels issues 
  • Diabetes 
  • Feeling of nervousness 
  • Depression 

To diminish these impacts, I intend to change my behavior with respect to physical exercises. I came to realize that in the wake of embracing this behavior I rolled out numerous improvements in myself. There are numerous advantages like as follow: 

  • It assists with building muscles 
  • It additionally assists with boosting mental capacity 
  • It additionally diminishes the danger of diabetes 
  • It improves personal satisfaction 
  • Reduce stress 
  • Increase cognitive capacity

Along these lines, this is conduct which I need to change through this semester. I am making my friend an observer, with the goal that he can disclose to me whether I change this behavior or not. 

Part 1b: Establishing Baseline: 

My aim is to do the customary exercise in the gym center to make me physically fit.

Part 1c: History:

Generally, I go anyplace in the vehicle. In my spare time, I want to utilize my cell phone. I invest my energy in internet-based life. I use a lift when I need to go to the class. I tried to change my habits before, but I was not motivated at that time. But after that I realize that without physically fitness a person can be go under stress and depression. So, I make planning to overcome this problem.


  • Lethbridge school rec center 
  • Perusing advantages of physical exercises on the web 
  • Companion in the gym center

Short term goal:

  • Run 1000 meters each day.
  • Use a bicycle to cover long distance
  • Workout four times a week
  • Consume fewer carbs.

Strategies: I will set a timetable for my activity. In my available time, I will do running, running which causes me to build my stamina. I will join the Rec center in school. So, I can do cardio, cycling, weightlifting to build my muscles just as to turn out to be intellectually fit.

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