BFA747 Data Analytics for Accounting

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Group formation and sector selection

Students must form groups of 2-3 in their workshops. Online and distance students can complete the assignment on their own. This is because online and distance students may find it difficult to find group members. There is a MyLO forum on the BFA747 page that all students can use to find potential group members by posting on this forum. If you are still having difficulties in finding a group, please email your unit coordinator.

Once you have formed your groups, all group members are to go to “Groups” on the BFA747 MyLO page and select any of the “Groups” that does not have any members and each member is to enroll themselves in this group. It is very important that all group members are enrolled in the same group as

the mark that will be assigned to your written report will be assigned to only those group members who are enrolled in the group on MyLO. Please let us know if there is anyone who is enrolled in your group who should not be in your group.

Groups are then to select one of the 10 sectors by which ASX-listed companies are classified:

  1. Materials
  2. Industrials
  3. Consumer Discretionary
  4. Health Care
  5. Consumer Staples
  6. Energy
  7. Information Technology
  8. Communication Services
  9. Real Estate
  10. Utilities

No two groups in the same workshop can choose the same sector. Sectors must be chosen in the workshops. Groups will inform their tutor of their preferred sector and sectors will be given on a first come first-serve basis. This sector will be used by the groups in their assignment.


Your group are part of a team of consultants for a financial consulting firm based in Australia. Your group receive an email from your manager.

Hi [Your Names],

We have a new client from America who is a major player in the [Your Sector]. They are interested in investing in Australia and have requested us to perform a range of analyses. For your team, I would like you all to calculate the Altman’s Z for each of the company from the sector listed on the ASX for only the year 2021. You can find the dataset here. I’m not sure how best to present the analysis but I’d like to use Tableau to present the data in a Choropleth Map of Australia. For each State, you should show the average Z-Score of companies in that state. I want the colour scheme to be green to red. Green representing low risk of bankruptcy and red representing high risk of bankruptcy. I also want the data labels to show the names of the states and the average Z-score. I will use the map to identify those states with the greatest risk of bankruptcy. I believe that these are the states that the company should target as it must be cheaper to set up in these states.

Please send me the excel file(s) and also a report that:

  • provides an overview of the sector in Australia with reference to how it has fared during and after COVID;
  • presents your analysis of the data visualization map on Tableau based on my methodology described above;
  • evaluates my methodology;
  • discusses the limitations of Altman’s Z as a predictor of bankruptcy;
  • discusses any other issues that could be relevant in our

This is all a very rough idea so there could be flaws in my methodology. I’m not entirely sure if we should focus on bankrupt states or financially strong states. Your analysis might even lead me to conclude that maybe our client shouldn’t invest in Australia at all. So I’m really looking forward to what your analysis will inspire and it will help me improve my methodology so that we can provide more accurate and relevant advice to our American client.

Lastly, if there any other issues that you identify or even a better way of helping client in their decision to establish a presence in Australia, then please also provide a short note on that in the report.

Grateful if you could send me all the files by the 19th of August as my presentation to the client is at the end of August.

Should you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact me. Kind Regards,

Geoff Bayzos

What you’ll need to complete the assignment?


The dataset for the assignment can be found here.


You all should have access to either a word processor software (Microsoft Word, Apple Pages) and a spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers).

You will also be required to use Tableau to generate the map visualization. You would have received a link from Tableau sent by the unit coordinator. This link will allow you to activate your online Tableau account that is valid for 12 months.

Main report to be submitted

Your assignment will consist of a number of files. The main file that will be graded will be the report to your manager. While his email was informal, your report will be formal in tone. The report will address the questions raised by the manager in his email. You should divide your report into sections, and this could be based on the issues he has highlighted in his email. You can begin with an introduction and then by presenting the data and discussing the Australian states that have the greatest risk of bankruptcy based on their Z Score. You should insert an image (Label as Figure 1) of the map generated from Tableau clearly showing the colour scheme and the names of the states. The name of the Tableau sheet showing the map should be as follows: ID Number_FirstNameSurname e.g., 12345_GlennFinau. An example of how this chart should be presented is shown on the next page:

The next sections can then focus on evaluating/critiquing the manager’s methodology and the Altman’s Z-Score. You can also have another section highlighting any further issues or this could be incorporated in the conclusion. Sources used in the assignment should be referenced correctly both in-text e.g., Finau (2021) and in the bibliography. The rubric for the report is attached in the appendix. There is no word limit but it is expected that the report should be between 1,000 to 2,000 words in length.

The written report is worth 15% of the assignment and will be marked as a group. That is, everyone in the same group will receive the same mark for the written report.

Other Files for Submissions

While not directly marked, you are expected to upload your excel file(s) that were used in your analysis as proof that your group analysed the data. The excel file must be uploaded in order for the word report to be graded. You also need to upload a screenshot of the cover page of your assignment to your personal MPA Pebblepad portfolio. Click here if you have not created your Pebblepad portfolio.

On the cover page, you must indicate which group member’s Tableau account was used to create the map. We will check this group’s member’s Tableau account to verify that the group created their own map visualization. It is thus important that the group creates the map using the Tableau link sent by the unit coordinator.

If any of the files (excel, screenshot, Tableau map on online student account) are missing then the group’s/individual’s mark will be withheld. The files will also be checked to ensure that group are the actual authors of the files and that the data in the files matches the report. Any discrepancies will be thoroughly investigated and potentially could attract penalties.

Oral Presentation

On-Campus Students (Hobart and Launceston) will present in the Week 5 Workshops. They are to present in their groups and are expected to use a PowerPoint presentation. It is expected that each group’s

presentation should not exceed 15 minutes. Groups should imagine that they are presenting to their manager.

Online and distance students must record their presentation and upload here. You must have your face showing throughout the presentation. If your face is not showing then your oral presentation will not be assessed. It is also expected that online and distance students’ presentation should not exceed 15 minutes.

A possible structure for the oral presentation could be as follows:

Member 1 – Overview of the sector

Provide the manager with an overview of the sector and how it has fared during COVID. For instance, was it adversely affected by COVID, did it thrive during COVID, how is it doing post-COVID? Refer to a variety of sources (refereed publications, news articles, other data) to support your arguments.

Member 2 – Analysis of the Z-Score Map

Present your analysis of the Z-Score map. Discuss the findings and identify states that would be good

investment sites based on the manager’s methodology.

Member 3 – Evaluation of the manager’s methodology and z-score

Evaluate the manager’s methodology: Do you agree with it? What were its limitations? How could it be improved?

Critique Altman’s Z-score. Identify some limitations of Altman’s Z as a measure of financial distress.

The above are suggestions, groups/individuals are free to amend as they see fit. For online and distance students attempting the assessment alone, the student would have to cover all the components identified above by themselves.

The next pages present the rubrics that will be used to mark the written report and the oral presentations.


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