BUSN6004 Managing Information Systems - Consulting Report

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Task Overview
Assessment name: Report
Task description: You will complete a number of critical reflection activities and compile them in your Consulting Report.
Learning outcomes measured: LO1: Analyse the contemporary information systems landscape that is available for organisational operational efficiency and innovation.LO2: Develop information systems centric strategies that organisations could employ to achieve sustainable competitive advantage, strategy, decision-making and digital innovation.

LO3: Analyse trends, developments and critical issues of information systems

LO4: Develop management considerations and scope operations to implement information system in various organisations

Due date:   Sunday, 4 June 2023, 11:59 pm (end of Week 5)
Weighting:   40%
Individual/Group:  Individual
Length: 1500 words
Task Details
What you need to do: 1.    Read the “Assessment 2-Rubric” file to understand how you will be marked.2.    Read the description, requirements, writing style, citing sources, submission details, and academic integrity sections below.
Submission requirements: Assessment 2 must be completed as a Report and saved in PDF file format for submission in Turnitin.
Resources needed to complete the task: 1.   SCU Blackboard2.   Online resources

The Business Case

Your Report should be directly related and relevant to the Business Case, which is the Sinclair Group. The Sinclair is the world’s first all-digital hotel. It is a hotel on the razor's edge of innovation in Fort Worth, Texas. Sinclair falls under the ‘Autograph Collection’ brand category of the Marriot Hotel Group, and is independently owned, while being operated under Marriot (Source: https://www.thesinclairhotel.com/ ). You can also refer to similar technology-based hotels for knowledge and insights.

Report Structure

Follow the below instructions to build your Consulting Report document. Ensure that the below content is submitted. You may use your own creative ways to structure the report. The report should contain approximately 1500 words. You may decide the word count and pages for the content you write. Content excluded from the page count is mentioned below.

  • Cover Page showing title Assessment 2, Student full name & ID, SCU email.
  • Executive Summary stating what this Report contains and why
  • Table of Contents
  1. Sinclair Hotel – Digital Platforms
    • How can the Sinclair Group make substantial improvements using digital platforms (you may discuss improvements to internal business processes, efficient reservations, improved supply chain etc.)? Your recommendations should consider mobile systems and Cloud-based services.
    • Describe and justify the necessity of a data warehouse and data marts for the Sinclair Group.
    • What are the potential data-related problems (at least 2) that Sinclair group could experience in data mining and business intelligence reporting? Propose 1 solution on how the Sinclair Group mitigates one of the problems. Organizational changes are required to innovate its hotel and hospitality products/services.
  2. Sinclair Group – Consumerisation of IT

2.1. Suggest at least 2 ways to integrate social media into the IT portfolio of the Sinclair Group.

2.2. How can the Sinclair Hotel address customer-facing problems and optimise the digital experience for customers interested in reserving their hotel rooms? Your focus should be on analysing the digital change in the company and recommending a digital strategy to attain a competitive advantage

  • Conclusion
  • References

Note: Words in tables and diagrams are excluded from the word count.


Assignment 2 addresses the learning outcomes in this unit (mentioned above) in various different ways. It is designed to get you to critically explore the topics covered up to Week 5 by writing about them and forming your own ideas and opinions. The assignment is built on the idea of self-directed learning through a combination of learning resources such as for example book chapters, research papers, video’s, etc.

In addition to the resources recommended in each week’s topics, you are required to undertake your own research and source information and content relating to the week’s topic through other resources.


You must ensure that your contribution is both relevant, offers critical insights and provides

recommendations. Think of your report as a piece of professional undertaking to not only record what has happened but also what you have observed, your tentative hypothesis, evidence collected, synthesised and analysed findings and recommendations/solutions provided.

Further, also think of your report as an opportunity to showcase your capability in analysing and consulting on a range of issues related to information technology and, specifically to information systems.

Your Consulting Report should broadly cover three core areas mentioned below:

  • The problem that the client is currently facing.
  • An examination of the problem from the consultant’s perspective.
  • Recommendations and/or solutions to the problem.

Writing Style

A consulting report is similar to writing a formal written assignment, as it is about sharing both, new and existing knowledge. A good consulting report stimulates interest and provides strong evidence of your understanding and work relating to this unit. Please keep things “relatively formal” as the metaphor for this assessment is that you are working towards being an expert by sharing your well researched and synthesised findings.

Each topic in your report must incorporate at least one image and other media elements (e.g., charts, diagrams, tables, graphs). Here is an example of a consulting report by McKinsey & Co

Citing Sources

Citing your sources is critical as it demonstrates the research that you have undertaken and provides credit and acknowledgment to others. You should also quote any words or ideas used by other authors. Citing also allows your reader to track down the sources you use. It also demonstrates the credibility of what you are saying.

As your report is in a digital format (PDF), where possible all citing of sources should be done as hyperlinked text within the main body of the post. Optionally, you may also include a list of references at the end of the post (again as meaningful hyperlinks - do not use the full URL index itself). In cases where you cite a reference not available online, you should use APA and provide a reference list at the bottom of the post. Additional advice on citing can be found here.

Academic Integrity

As a student of the SCU academic community, you are asked to work to uphold the principles of academic integrity during your course of study. SCU sets expectations and responsibilities of students; more specifically, it states that students “academic integrity is behaving in accordance with the values of honesty, fairness, trustworthiness, courage, responsibility and respect in relation to academic work.” Ensure that you have completed the ‘Academic Integrity’ (AI) module so that you understand “what you need to do to practice academic integrity in your studies.” A certificate of successful completion of the AI module may be required for your submission to be assessed.

At SCU, students are expected to demonstrate their own understanding and thinking using the ideas provided by ‘others’ to support and inform their work, always making due acknowledgement to the source. While peer learning is encouraged, it is not appropriate to share assignments with other students unless your assessment piece has been stated as being a group assignment. If you do share your assignment with another stude nt/s, and they copy part of or all of your assignment for their submission, this is considered collusion and you may also be reported for academic misconduct.


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