CASE STUDY 1: Ikea India launches 'Ikea On Wheels'

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CASE STUDY 1: Ikea India launches 'Ikea On Wheels'

Swedish home furnishings retailer Ikea launched its first physical presence ‘Ikea On Wheels’ in India’s financial capital, Mumbai on November 26, 2019. Catering to the Mumbai market, Ikea India has launched two mobile trucks that aim to showcase its living room, kitchen and outdoor home products across the city.

While one truck is stationed in Utopia city, Worli (Kamala Mills), the other is set to travel around various locations between south Mumbai and western suburbs. For the next one and a half months, the brand will be hosting several engaging activities such as ‘Come and do some DIY with us’ as well as offering a chance to potential customers for gaining personalised assistance from Ikea’s Life at Home experts, travelling along with the trucks. Additionally, expect some festive season’s range displayed on the trucks.

Ikea’s investment in India has been a year marked at €1.5 billion. According to Jaxa Gohil, store manager, Ikea India, ‘Ikea On Wheels’ will help customers to touch, feel and experience the brand’s home furnishing solutions. Gohil also stresses that “Mumbai is a significant market for us, one of the top 30 cities globally and our biggest investment in India with warehousing, e-commerce, and stores. Ikea wants to reach many people with thin wallets. As it sets a goal to reach 100 million people in the next three years, the foundation for a strong and relevant offer is affordability and accessibility.”

Meanwhile, the brand is gearing up to open its flagship store in Navi Mumbai soon.


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