Case Study 3: Dilemmas Around Using Digital Tools in STEAM Education

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Case study 3: Dilemmas around using digital tools in STEAM education

The use of digital tools in early childhood practices will probably continue to be a topic of concern in the years to come. While digital tools have potential in their use for STEAM conceptual development in early childhood, it is not evident that they are the prime resource for learning in preschools. They are nonetheless tools amongst others to use with children’s developing knowledge in a contemporary preschool. Jane, an early career kindergarten teacher struggles to create meaningful STEAM activities that involve the development of children’s digital competency.

Reflect upon this dilemma and frame your response to this case example. How can STEAM learning might be organised in a preschool context encompassing both physical and digital tools? Examine the complexities of using digital tools to support STEAM learning in the early education environment.


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