COIT20250 E-Business Systems - Assessment 3: Case Study

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Assessment Task: Individual Case Study

This is an individual assessment.

You will analyse the case study article detailed in the COIT20250_A3_CASE_STUDY document which outlines a significant contemporary e-business problem that impacts upon the on-going viability and reputation of an organisation. Based on the issues you find in the case study, you will identify three e- business use cases that contribute to the issues you have identified. You will then choose as many emerging technologies as appropriate to resolve issues and weaknesses inherent your use cases. You may choose any emerging technologies that you consider appropriate: they do not have to specifically relate to content that was discussed in the lectures for this unit.

You will write a report illustrating how the chosen emerging technologies would fit into and address the requirements of the identified e-business use cases.

In the main body of the report, you will include the following elements (note: you may choose the order of presentation):

·         Details of three (3) e-business use cases that you believe are contributing to the issues highlighted in the article.

  • You will need to describe these use cases in sufficient detail to highlight areas of weakness that may be contributing to the problems identified in the case study. You are encouraged to use diagrams to support your description of the identified use

·         Details of emerging technologies that have the potential to resolve issues identified in your use cases.

  • This will require some research on your This section of your report should address the application of your chosen emerging technologies to e-business in a general sense. Note: you may need to choose more than one technology for each use case.

·         A description of how the chosen emerging technologies could be integrated into your three identified e-business use cases.

  • You will need to outline a strategy to apply these technologies to the use cases you have identified. New use case diagrams would be useful to illustrate your description. If you do this, make sure your diagrams are appropriately labelled to distinguish them from the original use case

·         Details of how the chosen emerging technologies would help resolve issues and problems identified in your analysis of the case study.

  • Here you will explain how the application of your selected emerging technologies can resolve specific problems mentioned in the You may research similar companies that have successfully used the technologies in the resolution of similar problems.

The maximum length of the report is 3000 words. Your report must have a Cover Page (Unit Id, Assessment number/name, Student names, Student Ids, Campus, and Tutor name) and a Table of Contents (this should be MS word generated). A standard report structure, including an executive summary, introduction, body and conclusion must be followed. Your reference list must include at least 10 articles (including a minimum of 4 academic references) relevant to the chosen use cases and emerging technologies. You must adopt CQU HARVARD referencing standards in your report.


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