Convert 11/16 To A Decimal Number And Round The Result To The Nearest Thousandths 01 0.687 0b 0.69 0.688 Oa 0.68 0.6875 Quston 5el 15

Expert's Answer

Transcript: The problem requires us to convert one to 11 x 12. We have to write the answer up to the simple places because Jackson is mixed into the symbol. 2 11 x two is equal. This is equal to one plus 11 by 12 weeks. Adding this weekend, there's one plus one plus 0.9166. This is the same as one point 91 666. This is equal to 1.92 because we have to write down some places. One is to 11 x 12 and the other is 1.92. The option will be 1.92 and the option is correct. Thank you so much.

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