CPPREP4103 Establish Vendor Relationships - Assessment Task 4

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ASSESSMENT TASK 4 – Demonstration

Part A

You have received an enquiry from one of your prospecting methods and you need to conduct a listing presentation, working through the checklist created in Assessment Task 3. For the presentation, use the property you currently live in or a property that you are familiar with.

Choose either a family member, colleague, or peer to role-play the part of the vendor. The listing presentation must refer to a property appraisal report and cover vendor expectations.

Film your presentation. The presentation should be a minimum of five (5) minutes and a maximum of ten (10) minutes and must be uploaded with your assessment.

Refer to the observation sheet, which can be found on the assignment page for this unit. The observation sheet will provide guidance on what you will need to cover in your video role play. Your “vendor” should also be given a copy of the observation sheet to help with their understanding of what you need to achieve through the role play.

After you have conducted your listing presentation, discuss your presentation skills with your role play partner (vendor) and write a report answering the following questions:

  • What resources were used in the presentation?
  • What was your proposed communication plan with the vendor?
  • What worked well? Why?
  • What would you not do differently next time?
  • What will you continue to do?
  • What comments did your vendor make about your presentation?

Part B

Congratulations! The vendor has agreed to list the property with you. Using the information, you provided in the listing presentation, such as price, commission, and marketing details, you are required to complete an Agency Agreement with the vendor. Assume any other information you need to ensure the Agreement is complete in full and in accordance with all legislative requirements.

When you have completed both parts of this assessment, please submit your video, your report, and the agreement for marking.

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