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As a digital health professional, you will need to be able to communicate your ideas to various stakeholders in and out of healthcare organisations through digital platforms. This assessment develops your awareness of your own communication style and provides ‘hands-on’, practical experience developing media for communication.

Task details

You will develop and create a website including a social media profile, blog, welcome video and logo. You will present your work in a report with screenshots.


There are three parts to this assessment. Complete the following steps for each.

Part 1

  1. Develop the information architecture for your website. You may wish to use the following guide:
  1. Develop your website pages’ wireframes using paper or online.
  2. Register with Wix or a similar website-building site.
  3. Log in and create a project.
  4. Create the pages for your site.
  5. Upload your logo and introductory video.

Note: you will look at website architecture, wireframing and using Wix in the Week 2 workshop.

Part 2

  1. Register and/or sign in to LinkedIn.
  2. Set up or update your profile including education, work history and skill sets.
  3. Add your LinkedIn profile to your website.

Note: you will look at social media in the Week 3 workshop.

Part 3

  1. Choose an area of interest.
  2. Write a blog article (200-word essay).
  3. Post the blog on your website.

Note: you will look at blogs in the Week 2­ and Week 3 workshops.

Present the three parts together in one report using the following headings:

  • Website — include the following:
    • information architecture
    • wireframe (screenshots or pictures)
    • screenshots of each webpage
    • website address (address optional).
  • Social media — include the following:
    • screenshots of each page
    • your profile link.
  • Blog post — include the following
    • the complete article.

Note: the logo and introductory video from Assessment 1 should be uploaded to your website.

You are not required to use outside sources for this assessment; however, if you do use outside sources, you must reference appropriately using APA 7th as your referencing style. For more information, see the Academic Referencing Tool of the Library.

Assessment criteria

This assessment will measure your ability to:

  • Develop the architecture, wireframe and build a website (50%)
  • Create a social media profile (20%)
  • Write a blog article (20%)
  • Organise and present information clearly and professionally (10%)

Refer to the marking guide for marking and feedback information.


Use Microsoft Word or similar for the report.

In keeping with La Trobe University policy, all assignments are to be submitted in Moodle via Turnitin.


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