Discuss the contribution of Hermann Ebbinghaus to the Development of Modern Cognitive Psychology

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Hermann Ebbinghaus is known as the pioneer of experimental and cognitive psychology; he was the first psychologist to conduct experiments in the field of psychology and participated to study the notion of memory. His publications on memory has been revolutionary and groundbreaking through which another a whole new side of psychology was measured (Wardman, 2011). Ebbinghaus has been successful in conducting experiments that has helped the field of psychology to diversify, before the pioneer the filed was limited to theoretical notion but he gave a new meaning to the field. The main contribution of the psychologist in the forgetting curve that demonstrates how quickly a person forgets the information learned and the same with learning curve which illustrates how fast a person learns the given information (Murre & Dros, 2015). Another contribution of the psychologist is serial learning that includes the learning of thousands of meaningless words (Lowe, 2012). The essay will portray the life of the psychologist and how did he contribute in the field of modern cognitive psychology.

Who was Hermann Ebbinghaus:

Hermann Ebbinghaus was a famous psychologist born in Germany who specialized in the scientific research of memory. Before the psychologist’s famous discoveries, the notion of psychology was limited to discovery the nature of observation and sensation. He was the first psychologist to utilize scientific research to study the concept of memory and also the first one to utilize experimental procedure to regard problem of greater cognition. Ebbinghaus introduced experiments revolving around memory that are still applicable today on how to enhance a human’s memory (Schwartz, 2017). In the beginning years of the development of experimental psychology, the psychologist was a front runner during his college days. Ebbinghaus was a true pioneer of the field of psychology as he closely worked with different psychologists at that time. After his doctorate he was offering courses of history of psychology, experimental psychology and physiological in the University of Berlin. He was the first psychologist to conduct experiments in the field of psychology, he contributed in the development of practical and cognitive psychology through his study of memory...

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