Discuss the pros and cons of Paco’s approach to the team leader role. Paco established a team charter when he took

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Question 4 - 500 words

With the company now formed and staff positions filled, the team gets down to business and is racing against time to come up with its first batch of innovative products – smart wearables that can detect falls in elderly patients. Paco is a new engineer who is also in a team leader role. Paco has been trying to build an inclusive team by democratising the development of ideas within the team and encouraging team members to make contributions. Paco is worried that he is running out of time and fears the company might lose out on potential market share and fall behind its competitors if they do not seize the moment and roll out this new product as soon as possible. Paco is keen on carrying everyone along but several meetings later and with the product launch date around the corner, the team is still deliberating on some of the technical features of the product and this is putting the team under tremendous pressure. UCSmartHealth’s leadership team has reached out to you to help, as they are concerned the team is going to miss a key opportunity in the market, and fear the team is focused on arguing over their own technical preferences instead of acting in response to customer feedback.

  1. Discuss the pros and cons of Paco’s approach to the team leader role.
  2. Paco established a team charter when he took on the team leader role. What might be missing in the team charter?
  3. What evidence is there to suggest the team has stopped listening to customer feedback? What questions might you ask the team to gain further insight?
  4. You provide your findings to the UCSmartHealth team, and they ask you to work directly with Paco to turn things around. What advice will you provide to Paco?


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