Experimentally, It Was Found By J.P. Joule In 1846 That In 24 Hours A Horse Was Capable Of Doing Work Equivalent To Raising A……

Experimentally, it was found by J.P. Joule in 1846 that in 24 hours a horse was capable of doing work equivalent to raising a weight of 108 N to a height of 0.3 m. The hay and corn consumed during this period were equivalent to a reserve of internal energy of 1.2 X 108 J.

(a) What fraction of this internal energy was used by the horse to do mechanical work?

(b) If the horse’s actual efficiency was 30 percent, what is the basal metabolic rate of the horse?

Expert's Answer

In 24 hour the horse can do work equivalent to raising a weight of 10⁸ N …

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