Health program for rural and remote areas

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Target group

The main targets of this project are the residents of the Kintore who faces serious nutritional deficiencies, the main reason for this may lie in the low level of literacy rate among them. As this is a rural and remote area therefore people of this community do not have much awareness about their health and nutrition. The target ages for creating the awareness includes youth that are above 20 years as they can better understand about the importance of nutrition for healthy life and for the reduction of nutritional abnormalities in gestational females, newborns and children of the growing age (Smith,  2016).This health program will help in the encouragement of people so they can better adapt to the environment without any nutritional abnormality.


Stakeholders play an important role in the success of every program. They are the ones who can play an important role in understanding the needs of the target population and provides the advice and resources to the people so that they can plan a program for the implementation (Handley & McAllister, 2017). The major stakeholders involved in the establishment of this health program includes; health organizations, agencies, and individuals interested in this program. In a health care setting, the major stakeholders are the employers, employees, trade unions, funds of company’s insurance, labours and the ministries of health. In addition, involvement of other stakeholders is also needed, these include organizations of the private sector especially those related to the industries of health, producers and retailers of food as well as all Government and non - Government organizations that are interested in the program (Navi et al., 2017). All the stakeholders mentioned above are very important in the maintenance of this healthy eating health program, among them there are specific key stakeholders which are very crucial to the extent that without them health program cannot be carried out (Handley & McAllister, 2017).

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