Health Promotion Program Plan written report - Chlamydia infections

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Assessment 3

Guideline for completing this assessment.

Due Date: 28/05/24

Weight: 50%

Word Count: 2500 (±10%) words

Assessment Task: Health Promotion Program Plan written report- Chlamydia infections.

Task Details

Objective: The objective of this task is to create a strategy for promoting population health that addresses a specific health need. You are required to plan a health. promotion program that follows the principles of a comprehensive health promotion process, including community development and engagement with community. stakeholders. Additionally, your plan should outline your role within the process.

Your Program Plan should comprise the following components:

Background of the problem: This includes what is currently known about the problem and how it can be addressed, along with the program goal, which outlines. what you hope to achieve.

Objectives: These are the factors that need to be addressed to achieve the program goal.

Delivery strategies: These outline what actions will be taken to achieve the objectives.

Evaluation plan: These highlights how the success of the program will be measured.

Preplanning instructions

Written essay

For Assessment 3, you will be tasked with developing or exploring a health promotion plan/strategy to address a health need in the community. This assignment will be related to Assessments 1 and 2, as you will be working on the same health promotion/education-related role, topic, and target population that you have previously chosen and addressed. There are two different scenarios to approach this.


  1. You can detail and critique an existing or recent comprehensive health promotion programme.
  1. You can create a hypothetical comprehensive health promotion programme that you would like to see in practice in your community, according to the health promotion practitioner/professional role you have adopted.

Whichever scenario you choose - it is probably best to highlight (early on) in your assignment which options you are adopting and identify your role within it. Plan a program that is based on the principles of comprehensive health promotion. process, including community development, community stakeholders and them various roles - and include your own role.

Task Description

  1. Choose a Public Health Issue:

identify a client group or target population or community for your health promotion program.

  1. Develop a health promotion program plan and write an essay on it:

Develop a comprehensive health promotion program that addresses the chosen health issue.

  1. Instructions:


Plan a program based on the principles of the comprehensive health promotion program process; include community development, community stakeholders and their various roles - and include your adopted role.

Your Program Plan will include:

  • the background to the problem (what do we know about the problem and how to address it)
  • the program goal (what you hope to achieve)
  • objectives (what factors you need to address to achieve the goal)
  • delivery strategies (what you are going to do)
  • an evaluation plan (how you are going to know that you have been successful)


Note - It is best to approach this essay in the logical order and sequence as above

using headings to clearly signpost.

Your program plan should not exceed the word count of 10%.


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