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Bachelor of Information Systems (BIS)

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HS3021 Strategic Information Systems Management

This unit allows students to discover opportunities to use information systems and to participate in the design and implementation of solutions to business problems employing information systems. It also provides students with the most current and up-to-date account of the changes taking place in the world of strategy and management. Students will be exposed to varieties of learning activities include directed cases and offer in-depth explanations to guide them through the process. Students will learn how to effectively and critically analyse a case-based activities that place students in the shoes of a manager and require them to move through strategic decisions. Students will be able to apply strategic IS methodologies, tools, IT control infrastructure frameworks and change management process. The unit gives students a solid foundation for further study in more advanced IS courses such as programming, systems analysis and design, project management, database management, data communications, Web site design and development, information system security, big data and analytics, electronic and mobile commerce, and informatics.

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