If A Picture 4 Inches Wide By 6 Inches Long Is To Be Enlarged So That The Length Is 24 Inches, What Would Be The Size Of The Width?

If a picture 4 inches wide by 6 inches long is to be enlarged so that the length is 24 inches, what would be the size of the width?

(a) 8 inches
(b) 10 inches
(c) 12 inches
(d) 16 inches

Expert's Answer

Video Transcript

Okay, So if a picture four inches wide, so four wide over there by six inches long, isn't Lawrence so that it is 24 inches in length. So that's, um 24. Long were asked to find its with two X wide. So let's cross multiply. So 24 times for that's 96 is equal to six X, and now that will divide six on both sides who get 96/6, which is equal to 16 um, inches, which is Do you?

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