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Assume you have recently started working as a portfolio assistant for the Australian investment firm Max Capital Pty Ltd. (MCPL). The board of directors of the company has chosen to invest in two top 100 listed companies in different industries. Both the investment's risk and its possible return are of concern to them. Directors are specifically interested in investing in the materials and energy sectors and are concerned about both systematic and unsystematic risks of potential investments.


Analyse the following for two companies in the materials and energy sectors listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX Top 100) and submit a detailed report discussing how MCPL should decide the portfolio investment. (Each group must evaluate the annual reports for the 2020–2021 financial year.)

  1. Risk

Calculate and comment on both systematic and unsystematic risk for two companies.

  1. Expected return

Calculate expected return on shares based on CAPM.

  1. Cost of capital

Calculate the cost of capital for two companies.

Data source:

Go to and download the monthly share prices for two companies you selected for 5 years commencing from 2017 to estimate/calculate Beta.

Link for the ASX top 100 companies:

This assignment must be written/structured in the form of a ‘business report’. That is, it must have a/an;

(a) Executive summary (between 100 to 150 words),

(b) Introduction that;

Succinctly summarizes this assignment’s topic and its key issues, controversies, etc. (no more than 200 words), and

(c) Body that addresses all the requirements – see above 1-3 (no more 1500 words) (need to develop appropriate subheadings)

(d) Conclusion that sums up the mains issues of this assignment (no more than 200 words), and

(e) Reference list containing all cited works.

(f) Proper English Grammar, appearance, format, etc.

At least 4 recognized journal articles should be cited.

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