MGT100 Organisations and Management

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Assessment item 3 - Report

Value: 25%

Length: 2,200 words +/- 10%

Submission method options: Turnitin assignment portal


REPORT (2,200 words): Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Please read the following article:

Beloskar, V. D., & Rao, S. V. D. N. (2021). Corporate Social Responsibility: Is Too Much Bad?—Evidence from India. Asia-Pacific Financial Markets29(2), 221–252. 10.1007/s10690-021-09347-3

Primo link: (look for "Download PDF" link) cdi_proquest_journals_2666112527


  • Define the key term 'CSR';
  • Discuss one of the issues with CSR mentioned in the article and any outcomes you think they might have;
  • Discuss why CSR may be important for companies and whether CSR should be an explicit or implicit managerial responsibility;
  • Choose an organisation with which you are familiar with / are working for / would like to work for and briefly describe this business and overview their CSR strategy and performance.
  • You will need to incorporate and apply the theory of CSR, and any other relevant theories or concepts from MGT100, in your discussion

For this assignment, you are also required to create a professional looking document by using a report format. This format is indicated in the "Presentation" section below.

Please see Assessment 3 Marking Criteria for a detailed explanation of the allocation of marks in this assessment.



This assessment task will assess the following learning outcome/s:

  • be able to research and compare various sources of information about management.
  • be able to compare and contrast the work of influential management thinkers and researchers.
  • be able to explain their personal values and experience in relation to management theory.
  • be able to express opinions on management issues with clarity, from both personal and more objective positions that are backed up with sound evidence and analysis.
  • be able to apply management theory in order to analyse management dilemmas and problems, and provide recommendations for action.

This assessment will assist you to learn to:

  • research and compare various sources of information about management (LO1)
  • compare and contrast the work of influential management thinkers and researchers (LO2)
  • express opinions on management issues with clarity from an objective position backed up with sound evidence and analysis (part LO4)
  • present academic writing (academic literacy and numeracy)

apply APA 7 citation and referencing skills (academic literacy and numeracy).


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