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Public Health problem either chronic or mental has an indirect impact on the country. There are many public health issues that the countries face, for instance, health diseases, diabetes, cancer, obesity, respiratory diseases, depression and any other kind of mental disorder.  Australia is among those countries who faces public health issues among its people. For example, about 54% of Australians face obesity, two million women in the country have cardiovascular disease and cancer caused about 29% of death in 2007 (Australian Government, 2007). However, breast cancer has been prevailing in Australia, about 19,371 Australian women have been diagnosed with the disease in 2019 (Australian Government, 2019). This report will discuss the public health issue that is breast cancer in Australia. This report will provide the readers what does the health system lack in order to prevent the disease and will give recommendations to curb the disease among the Australian women. 

Breast cancer is the most deadly disease among women, more and more females are being diagnosed with breast cancer in the country. In 2015, it was recorded that breast cancer comes second in terms of most common diagnosed cancer in the country. Moreover, it was predicted that in 2019 it will be the most common diagnosed cancer in the country. There has been an increase of 3000 cases of breast cancer among women since 2015, there were about 16, 852 cases in FY15 where as in FY19 there are about 19, 371 cases among women (Australian Government, 2019). It has been estimated that about 3,058 Australian women died of breast cancer in FY19 (Rajagopal, Pranee & McBride, 2019). 


The important stakeholders concerning this chronic public health issue are health care professionals, breast cancer patients and survivors. Moreover, the stakeholders in other sectors that can make an impact on the given issue are policy makers, government officials, donors and general population (Puzkho, Gagnon, Simard, Knoppers, Siedlikowsi & Bartlett, 2019).

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