Research Design and Method: Impact of plastic food containers on human health: Need for an alternative approach for packaging

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In order to investigate the impact of plastic food containers on human health, three different approaches were used i.e. semi-structured interviews, social media and observations. First research method for the study was to perform using semi-structured interviews, in which the researcher performs an interview using predetermined questions and poses additional questions where appropriate for more detail and clarity (Secor, 2010). Semi-structured interviews have been chosen because they facilitate an in-depth conversation, are a good way of creating truthful viewpoints for the participants and although each interview is somewhat similar, semi-structured interviews permit some differentiation (Vaughn & Turner, 2016). The interviews were administered with a regular buyer utilizing plastic food packaging, plastic free store holder, a retailer manager and the co-founder of a sustainable food retail company. The identities of the interviewees were placed in secret to guarantee confidentiality. The limitations, however, involve the necessity for the researcher to familiarize himself with the process of data collection in order to produce successful research (Irvine, Drew & Sainsbury, 2013) and that interviews are mostly reflective of the opinions of a person or institution and may therefore be hard to generalize. Nevertheless, this is not a real concern because qualitative research aims to investigate rather than reflect a subject of study.

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