SCP103 Self-Care Practices - Nursing Portfolio

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The portfolio aims to help you demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of self-care practices by analysing their influence on health and wellbeing as a nurse. It gives you the opportunity to reflect on the application of your acquired knowledge in this subject, while further developing your critical analysis and writing skills.

This portfolio: part B requires you to apply your knowledge of stress and burnout to recognise their signs and their long-term implications in a nurse, as well as to educate this nurse on stress and burnout prevention and resilience building.


In portfolio: part b, you should:

  • Consider the nurses’ profiles provided in the Assessment Resources folder for this assessment task in Blackboard.
  • Select one nurse profile from the ones
  • Reflect on the nurse profile characteristics and, drawing from your learning resources and independent research,:
  1. Provide a definition of stress and burnout that the nurse will be more likely to experience, including examples of physiological, emotional and behavioural stressor responses.
  2. Identify and explain potential impacts of long-term stress and burnout, focusing specifically on the nurse’s stressors: financial situation, relationships and professional career
  3. Outline and explain the way you would educate this nurse on stress and burnout prevention and resilience building. Consider factors such as age, culture, religion and professional boundaries in this answer.
  • Draft points 1 to 3 above as three (3) entries in your personal reflective journal in Blackboard. These entries are confidential and only your learning facilitator will review them to check your work progression.
  • Compile your reflective journal entries into one (1) Word document under an introduction paragraph for your final assessment.

o In the introduction paragraph, present your chosen nurse profile’s main characteristics.


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