Service Innovation for Goodle

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Activity 1 

Product Innovation Charter (PIC)

Product innovation charter can be regarded as guided document which serves the purpose of informing about wider role of innovation for customers as well as for organization. The following product innovation charter has been prepared for Goodle, which is providing services to education providers for sharing of learning resources with students. The innovation is aimed to enrich the services of Goodle and detail is presented in PIC.


Goodle is already aiding education providers to support the learning of students, yet need of this PIC is aimed to provide information about new services, which will be added to enhance learning experience of students and to improve satisfaction of students. The increasing trend of distant learning and enhanced focus on web based communications and material sharing for both traditional and distant teaching creates need for interactive communication platform.  

The inclusion of video meeting, webinar features and chat rooms availability will enrich the service portfolio of Goodle and will enhance ease of educators to support learning of students.


Technology Dimension: An online space that offers opportunity to students for engaging in shared and interactive learning experience, through online meetings and real time discussion rooms. The webinar will be supported even with low bandwidth to offer high quality experience to consumers. Security and privacy features of the platforms will be enhanced. 

Market Dimension: Market has substantial need for interactive platform where both teachers and students can get engage in conversations through interactive platforms. Group conversations through video meetings and chat rooms are appreciated by education providers and students to get engage in shared learning. Physical spaces are no longer making up core platforms to engage students with learning and online spaces are making up new reality of technologically advanced communities. Thus, need for online interactive learning platforms is regarded as emerging aspect of modern society. The services of webinar and chatrooms availability are both interactive as well as remote to support learning of students.

Goals/ Objectives

  • To ensure engagement of students with each other
  • To bring feature of two way communication through webinar and chatrooms
  • To ensure interactions among students, such that they can support learning of each other
  • To bring improvement in learning of students 
  • To improve team communication and social skills of students by engaging them in online conversations

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