Temperature In Degrees Fahrenheit Can Be Converted To Celsius By First Subtracting 32, Then Dividing By 1.8. What Is The Celsius Temperature Outside On A Warm Day (88°F)?

Temperature in degrees Fahrenheit can be converted to Celsius by first subtracting 32, then dividing by 1.8. What is the Celsius temperature outside on a warm day (88°F)?

Expert's Answer

Video Transcript

Here in this problem, we have to convert 88 degrees fahrenheit to degree celsius, and here in this problem, given temperature in degree, fahrenheit can be converted to celcius by first subtracting 32 point, then dividing by 1.8, so we'll convert 88 degrees fahrenheit to celsius, and that will Be 88 minus 32 divided by 1.8, and that will be 56 divided by 1.8, that is 31.11 degree celsius, so 88 degrees fahrenheit is equal to 31.11 degree celsius, and this is the final answer.

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