MIS603 Written Report On Microservices Architecture - Assessment 2

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Assessment 2: Written Assessment

The Company is satisfied with the credentials you established in the previous report and have engaged you to write a report to further advise them on the transition to microservice architecture. Your report should address the following tasks:

  • A definition and introduction to microservice architecture;
  • Examples of successful implementation of microservice architecture for at least three companies in different industries. You should include the benefit microservice architecture brought to them. There is no architecture free lunch, therefore you should also discuss the challenges they faced in the implementation of microservice architecture;
  • Discuss the principles of service modelling and technologies available for integration, e.g. SOAP, XML-RPC, REST.
  • Discuss the challenges in splitting the backend monolithic system that represent substantial amount of the behaviour of the Company’s system.
  • Discuss any ethical, legal and security issues in the transitioning to microservice architecture.

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