Voilence and aggression are increasing in mental health in patient unit. How effective nurse patient communication help to reduce voilence and aggression in mental health unit

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Violence and aggression are increasing in mental health inpatient unit. How effective nurse patient communication help to reduce violence and aggression in mental health unit

Violence and aggression in hospitals and emergency departments are very common all over the world (Rahimzadeh, Zabihi & Hosseini, 2011). It occurs in almost all types of environment and healthcare setting where different types of people experienced very close interaction in terms of service provider and service user. Generally, the two terms ‘‘violence and aggression’’ is used to describe the wide range of verbal and non-verbal, physical and non-physical events that hospitals’ inpatients, staffs and nurses experience in their jobs, both intentional and non-intentional. These are the main causes of stress, feeling of anxiety and powerlessness for the staff in the inpatient unit (Angland, Dowling & Casey, 2014). Violence in the health sector is an increasing concern on the part of patients and clinical staff therefore, the safety of clinical and non-clinical staff in all hospitals and emergency department units for mental health. A lot of past study and ongoing research have found a substantial rise in the number of recorded incidences of violence and aggression against staff and other users of the service, i.e. patients (O’Rourke, Wrigley & Hammond, 2018). Moreover, mental health problems can have a significant impact on those actively involved in the patient's care.

Violence and aggression occur from time to time in mental health facilities and are linked to significant individual costs for those who are abused, and also significant economic costs for the healthcare service (Price, Baker, Bee & Lovell, 2018). Aggression may take place for a number of different reasons...

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