You Are Making A Recipe That Calls For 2 /3 Cup Of Water, But You Cannot Find Your 1 /3 Cup Measure. You Do Have Your 1/ 4 Cup Measure. How Many Times Will You Have To Fill Your 1/ 4 Cup Measure To Measure Out 2/ 3 Cup Of Water?

Expert's Answer

Video Transcript

Alright here we are making a recipe. We need two thirds cups of water but we only have a quarter cup measure and we're wondering how many times we need to fill the one quarter cup To measure out? 2/3 cups of water Basically. What this question is asking is how many? 1/4 fit into 2/3? 1/4 is smaller. It's going to take a couple of pills to fill up the two thirds. How many one quarters fit into two thirds? Which basically makes us a division problem. How Many? Fit into 2/3 when dividing fractions? That's the same as multiplying the reciprocal. Keep that first fraction the same. It changes to a multiplication problem instead of a division problem. And we are going to multiply the reciprocal. Uh The denominator fraction. So 1/4 becomes 4/1. Sometimes we say the phrase. Keep change flip, keep the first fraction just the way it is. Change the division into a multiplication and flip that second fraction, the one that's being divided. Once we're multiplying fractions, multiplication just goes straight across the numerator and straight across the denominator. So two times four is eight, three times, one is three. Now that's an improper fraction, but we can change that into a mixed number three fits into eight Two times with two parts remaining out of three. So we get two and two thirds two and two thirds quarter cups will fit into a two thirds cup measurement. So you would have to fill up your quarter cup two full times and then fill it up just two thirds of the way, and that should do the job.

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