You are required to identify an organisation on which to base a case study (i.e.a case study or an organisation that you are well acquainted with).

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Group Presentation

Students are to form groups of 3-5 (by the end of Week 4 at the latest) individuals and complete the following assessment task: You are required to identify an organisation on which to base a case study (i.e.a case study or an organisation that you are well acquainted with). As a team, you should choose an HRM function in the selected organisation to base your analysis. Your group is required to record a 15-minute presentation from the perspective of organisational leaders which provides:

  • A brief introduction of the selected organisation and an overview of the selected HR function with linkages to relevant theory and practice covered in the module;
  • A critical analysis of the external and internal environments of the organisation and discuss how this impact the selected HR function.
  • Acritical discussion about whether the current organisation's responses in the context of the
    V selected HR function are either appropriate or not appropriate.
  • With connection to the theory covered in the module, a suite of recommended actions to support appropriate initiatives in the context of the selected HR function that respond to the external and internal environment analyses.
  • A clearly articulated analysis on how the current theories/people management principles may or may not adequately address the identified challenges for the selected HR function. You are required to read widely in the academic literature and, if appropriate, material found in trade journals and other sector-specific sources. At minimum, 15 high-quality academic resources need to be used. You will be encouraged to critically appraise traditional thinking and theory relating to people management practice in line with the organisation's context. Groups need to record their 15-minute presentation using their preferred application (e.g., Zoom, Skype, PowerPoint, etc) and all group members are required to take part in the delivery of the presentation in some way. Please note that only one of the group members need to submit the recorded presentation and the presentation slides on MyLo. The group presentation is worth 30% of your total marks for this unit. The remaining 10% component of this assignment will be assessed for each individual member of the group separately. To assess, the individual contribution to the groupwork, group members are required to assess each member's group collaboration and contribution to the group activity. Peer-evaluation must be conducted via Feedback Fruit.


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