Report On Pathophysiology Cases: Formative Assessment Task

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You are required to select three (3) cases from the list below.

Abdo: Pancreatitis OR Cirrhosis OR Portal hypertension
Renal: Hydronephrosis
Testes: Epididymitis
Thyroid: Multi nodular goitre
Breast: Breast carcinoma
Pelvic: Endometriomas
1st tri: Sub chorionic haematomas
2nd tri: Cleft lip and palate
3rd tri: IUGR or macrosomia

For each case you are required to submit a 750-1000 word paper.

Part A; Discuss the pathophysiology of the disease. (500-700 words)
Part B: Describe the sonographic appearances. (300-500 words)

It is suggested you select cases that you have scanned or observed whilst on placement.

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