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Assignment Two (60% of course assessment) draws on the self-analysis undertaken in Assignment One (SWOT Analysis). You will produce a marketing plan, which will follow the Self-Marketing Process.


You are required to have two creative pieces included as a proof of concept in your assessment using the 4-Ps of Self Marketing. These will be a 1 to 3 minutes video pitch positioning yourself as the ideal candidate and an online portfolio (single page) with links to your professional social media channels. Links to the video pitch and online portfolio should be provided in your main submission document. Please note, this is not just copying and pasting from Assessment 1. You must strategically evaluate your skills and attributes, your personality and beliefs, to determine which characteristics are valuable in communicating an overarching story of your value. This goes beyond describing strengths but moves to strategic justification of why this is the best way to market yourself in relation to your competition and the desires of the target market. Those students who perform well will explain why each decision is the right choice for their strategy.

Format and Submission

The assignment should be written in a Word document (doc/docx) or PDF and submitted via the Start Assessment button on the top right of this page.

This submission link allows for draft attempts, providing you the opportunity to check text matching for unintended plagiarism. Note that it is OK for things like references and direct quotations in quotes properly cited to be included in the matching % given.

**The last submitted file at the due date will be the assessment that is marked.

This assignment will be developed in a written report comprising 2000 words (+/- 10%). This self-marketing plan must be presented as a highly professional report format. It is essential that you produce a good report that has a table of contents, introduction and conclusion and appendices (if applicable). The presentation of this report will say a great deal about you, so you will need to think carefully about its presentation.

It is imperative that you consult the marking rubric constantly as you construct your assignment. This provides valuable information on how you will gain marks in this assignment. This is something students often fail to do and then they wonder why they did not receive the marks they felt they deserved. In summary, if you don’t address the marking criteria, then you won’t get the marks. A critical word of warning - do NOT copy and paste anything from previous assessments. This is self-plagiarism and lazy work, which will result in a fail. You can draw from information previously gathered but you need to adapt and apply this information to the marking criteria for this particular assessment.

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