A Person 66 Inches Tall Is Standing 15 Feet From A Streetlight. If The Person Casts A Shadow 84 Inches Long, How Tall Is The Streetlight?

Shadow Length  A person 66 inches tall is standing 15 feet from a streetlight. If the person casts a shadow 84 inches long, how tall is the streetlight?.

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here. This question is from linear functions and equations. So here a person statistics inch tall is standing 15 ft from a street light. So here is the streetlight, this is a streetlight and the person is standing tip tip. You're being paid from Mr Hitler. So here people in food, This is 15 ft from me. Just let And the personage 66". Yeah. First understanding the 66 or 66 jingle door message pipe it and six inch And person is standing here then Cast aside of 84". Okay, sorry sir, do it 84" 84 means This is 27 years 84. So seven ft. This is seven ft. Now here Cast here is seven which seven sir do is look at this. So now the triangle. No, not to find out that all of the street late. Okay, how how tall is the street late? So you have to find out the value of the statute. Let with this X. We have to find the value of the streetlight. Sorry, height of the street light. Now this is hip in This is seven this age pipe weren't six ft. This is the person standing over here. So no, let X be the height of the light post. Yeah. Now both has him drinking. So here it is. Sure of the square spurning sides must be equal. Now this is the lips. Now see your side of the large, strongly. You put it away. North side of the small triangles, each condo bottom side of the last jungle boy. What? I'm scared of the small triangle. Now here this is X by seven. Yes, you do. 22 by I've learned. Yeah. six pay foot six cents. This is five ft 6". This is 15 minutes. Sorry to entitlements. 15 plus seven. Here this is 15 plus seven. No, this is multiple. A very difficult or X into Paper. The 6", This is 22 into seven or excision to This is 22/7 one for one day for divided by 5 6". Our is his ex Xarelto 28 pitch. We got the value of X. No. Here height of the ST loaded 28. The sentence. Thank you. Mhm.

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