AMB369 Individual Presentation and Written Report On International Business Strategy

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Assessment Item 2: Individual Presentation And Written Report

As an International Business Consultant, you will first deliver an 8-minute presentation (online), then submit a detailed written Strategic Plan in a report format at the end of the semester (week 13). You will conduct your research on behalf of a chosen company (your client) and an appropriate industry from South Korea. Your client can be an Australian Company (preferably a Small to Medium Sized Enterprise (SME)). You will need to make an assumption about the need for the Strategic Plan and justify the suitability of the selected industry and country. You will outline the importance of the industry to the designated countries’ economies, examine factors of operations and performance, and assess the impact of recent issues on entry to the industry and future prospects. Based on this research, you will then formulate an entry strategy for your client.

Additional information will be provided during the lectures, tutorials and via the BLACKBOARD site.

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