BUS8405 Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

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Assessment 2: Research Report

Report the findings of your research project. You will need to introduce the research question/s, give a review of the relevant literature (at least 10 academic journal articles*), present the methodology and then present and discuss your findings. From there you need to draw conclusions, make recommendations and/or suggestions for further research.

Please note while you may use some of the same academic journal articles as you did in your proposal, you must write a new literature review. Likewise, as your proposed methods may not be exactly in your research proposal, you need to write your methods section again.

Important: Collection of primary data (interview and/or surveys) is *not* permitted for this assessment. Any material from collected from primary research will not be marked and you will be subject to disciplinary measures as outlined in the Programme Handbook, up to and including expulsion from the Programme.

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