Behavior Change Assessment Part 3 and 4

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1. In the first week of behavior change, I was very enthusiastic because I wanted to see a change in myself. In the beginning, it was very hard for me to focus toward the goal. Every day I faced so many problems. I had to go to college, with friends and sometimes I felt tired. Because, I used to eat fast food only. But some days when I did not go to college and work, then I become able to achieve my goal.
Sometime when I did not able to achieve my goal, its reason was time management. So, to avoid this problem in the future I will manage my time in a proper way.
2. In the second week of the behavior change, I felt that I started to like healthy food. Because I used to eat fast food allot and it was very hard to digest. But now I am feeling better because I know the benefits to take healthy diet.
It became easier for me to eat healthy food because my sister helped me to prepare food because she was working in a restaurant. So. If she has no time to prepare food for me then sometimes, I got problems to make prepare food for myself because I had to go to college and work.
3. I am feeling very happy after achieving my goal because, in the beginning, it was very hard for me to follow my diet plan. Sometimes I had to go to college and work at the same time. I was getting a problem managing my time between work, college, and health. But I gave my best.

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